Kika Emoji Keyboard 4.3.0

Access all of your favorite emojis on one keyboard 

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    Android 4.1.1 / Android 4.2.2 / Android 4.3 / Android 4.1.2 / Android 4.2 / Android 4.1 / Android 4.0 / Android 4.2.1

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Kika Emoji Keyboard 4.3.0
Kika Emoji Keyboard 2017

Smartphone users can have fun messaging with all of their favorite emojis using this great program. Kika Emoji keyboard will switch out the standard keyboard of Android phones and present a whole new keyboard. Not only does the keyboard make it possible to type all sorts of emoji graphics, but the program also comes along with a few different themes that affect the keyboard appearance and the particular emojis that are offered. It's free to download all the different them options, and the program user can change the keyboard whenever he or she wants so that the look never gets old.

Not only are there different themes to choose from, but it's also possible to alter the text font using this program. When it comes to changing faults, there is nothing to download and all the available font options come built-in. The program offers not only an emoji keyboard that offers various emojies, but also font keyboards that provide different fonts so that users don't have to only send messages in their phone's standard font.

Emoji and fonts are used not only for everyday text messages, but they can also be used to put posts up on social networks or to write emails with different graphics and fonts. Those who are newcomers to the Kika Emoji Keyboard program will enjoy the introductory micro tutorial that teaches users exactly how the program works. Some users feel this keyboard is easier to use than the built-in Android keyboard.


  • It's easy to customize the options.
  • Configuring the program is straightforward.
  • They keyboard is user friendly.
  • The program includes gifs with animation.


  • The program sometimes works a little slowly on phones that were not recently made. This program works best on newer phones.

Kika Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard is an app for the Android system that provides an alternative option for those who don't like the default keyboard found in the platform. It includes an entirely redone keyboard that includes a full emoji set, and it can be customized much more freely than the stock keyboard found in Android devices.

This app includes several skins that can be used to customize the appearance of the keyboard, and it includes numerous options like the classic Android aesthetic, a clone of the iOS keyboard, and exceptionally bright and colorful options for a bit more flair. The themes aren't automatically present in the app, but they can easily be downloaded for free through the app itself.

Some of the most interesting and useful feature of this keyboard have nothing to do with the actual emojis that are present. You can easily change the text font without having to download any additional packages, and the emoji keyboard itself is built right into the keyboard, so there's no need for extra installations.

Many have stated that the variety of emojis available in this keyboard can come close to matching the diversity of the iOS emoji keyboard. Simply press the small button on the keyboard that sports a face, and you'll see all the emoji options in the software. These small icons can be used to improve conversation over messages, social media, and email, and they are perfect for adding a bit of personalization to your communications.

The standard emojis aren't the only thing present in the list of options, either. There are small drawings that have been formed into emojis, images made of ASCII symbols, and even several GIFs with live animation. The variety here is unmatched by other keyboards of this type.

Once the software has been downloaded, it can easily be installed and configured to work with your device. A short tutorial walks the user through the process, and once it is set up, the keyboard is ready to go throughout your device. A dedicated app appears to help manage the keyboard, and the keyboard itself will pop up whenever you need to enter text through any app.

This keyboard is one of the most fluid you'll find anywhere, and it is even smoother than the default Android option. Some of the keys aren't in the same positions as they are in the Android default keyboard, but it doesn't take long to adapt to those minor changes. In many cases, the new key placements are more thought out and convenient than the previous version, including the placement and size of the space bar.

Kika Keyboard also offers language support that mirrors those available in the standard Android keyboard, and it includes a word suggestion feature and autocorrect. Due to the complexity of this keyboard compared to the default system on the Android, older phones will sometimes experience brief moments of lagging when selecting emojis or making selections in the app menus. Typing seems to be fine regardless of the phone's age.


  • Smooth Keyboard
  • Simple Configuration
  • Animated GIFs
  • Customizable


  • Older Phones Experience Lag

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